Set of 21 Client Worksheets

Help your clients through the Intuitive Eating process with these easy-to-use worksheets. (Note these worksheets are included with the price of Intuitive Eating PRO Skills Training teleseminar series).

Here’s what health professionals say about the Intuitive Eating worksheets…

“I LOVE the worksheets. Thank you so much for all your hard work.”

~ MD, Beverly Hills, CA

“My clients love using the worksheets to help their Intuitive Eating process. It helps them keep focused on the principle we are working on for that week.”

~ Sarah Gleason RD – O’Fallon, MO

“Your worksheets are excellent.”

~ HTE, psychologist, California

“The handouts are excellent. The ‘Food Rules’ and ‘Family Rules’ worksheets are a great addition to the assessment tools I typically use.”

~ HP, Center Junction, IA

“Your handouts are awesome tools.”

~ PP, Placentia, California

“The handouts are really hands-on and helpful. My favorite handouts are dealing with automatic negative thoughts and deconstructing eating behavior.”

~ JP, Long Beach, California

What is Included

  1. Intuitive Eating Brief Assessment
  2. Food Rules Assessment
  3. Family Rules Assessment
  4. Basic Self-Care Prompts
  5. Satiety Cues Journal
  6. Fear of Fullness Practice
  7. Satiety Practices
  8. Coping with Feelings and Stress
  9. Deconstructing Eating Behaviors
  10. What Am I Feeling? My Need?
  11. Cognitive Flexibility

  1. Learning to Let Go
  2. Nutrition Tracking
  3. Practice: No Reactivity
  4. Petals of Worth
  5. “I Feel Heavy”
  6. Are You Ready to Make Peace with Food?
  7. Systematic Habituation
  8. “I Can’t Stop Eating”
  9. Attuned Physical Activity
  10. Intuitive Eating Principles Tracking