Words of praise for Evelyn

“One of the co-authors of Intuitive Eating but like also one of the best humans on the earth.”

~ Laura Thomas, PhD: Nutritionist and Wellness Advocate

Ranks Among the Top Nutrition and Health Speakers… “Imagine attending a conference with an out-of-this-world speaker. I was blown away by one in particular: Evelyn Tribole, MS, RD. Listening to Tribole and observing her dynamic, engaging style, I couldn’t help but thank her for her work and message… holding an audience’s attention all day in packed warm room says a lot. [She’s] someone who ranks among the top three nutrition and health speakers I’ve ever heard.”

~ D. Milton Stokes. Conference Currents: 2006 Renfrew Wrap-Up. Today’s Dietitian: page 26

Engaging and Phenomenal… “This was the most engaging session of the conference… Phenomenal… Worth the whole conference… The best 90-minutes I spent in a long time…”

~ Attendee Comments of Session: Multi-Tasking and Mindless Eating: Breaking the Cycle with Intuitive Eating, 2011 FNCE annual conference, which draws over 8,000 attendees each year.

FANTASTIC Webinar–Registration Reached Maximum Capacity at 6,500. “The response from attendees was so overwhelming… I loved Evelyn Tribole’s enthusiasm for the topic.  This message is so important to get out to the general population. She is an excellent speaker-she presented clearly, concisely, and in a personable manner.”

~ 2012 Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Assoc Webinar, Intuitive Eating Creating a Healthy Relationship with Food, Mind & Body: Understanding the Research and Applying the Principles.

Your Enthusiasm and Passion is Apparent… “We are fortunate to have had you share your passion with us, which gave life and energy to your presentation.”

~ Colinda Hunter, RD, Nutrition File Conference, Canada

Your Session was by Far on Our Most Popular Ones… “The attendees loved your enthusiasm and outgoing personality. ‘Excellent’ seemed to appear on every evaluation form. The fact that your books  sold out is another testament to how successful your session was.”

~ Christine A. Stapell, MS,RD,LD/N, Exec Director, Florida Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics

Glowing Reviews… “Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation at the California WIC Association Annual Conference. The attendees found your talk very useful, professionally and personally, and gave glowing reviews for your session. Understand our relationship with food is important for us to be effective in our public health goal of reducing obesity – the principles and the examples you discussed gave us much needed resources to improve our nutrition education practices.”

~ Kinkini, California WIC Association

A Transformational Experience… “Dietitian, therapist, author, and teacher–Evelyn Tribole has a knack for sharing her wisdom and expertise. I recently worked with her while recording the audio adaptation of her co-authored book, Intuitive Eating, and it was a transformational experience. Her revolutionary approach to eating will change your relationship to food and change your life!”

~ Nancy Smith, Managing Producer, Sounds True

She is Dynamic, Engaging, and Funny… “Evelyn’s ground-breaking book, ‘Intuitive Eating,’ has been instrumental in my work with patients who struggle with eating disorders. We have also presented together at the Academy for Eating Disorders’ International Conference on Eating Disorders, educating other members about the ‘Health at Every Size’ paradigm. She is dynamic, engaging, and funny.”

~ Deb Burgard, PhD Licensed Psychologist

Incredible Insights… “With the help of Evelyn Tribole’s non-diet approach to food, Intuitive Eating, I fully recovered from an eating disorder to experience a freedom that I never believed possible. And just when I didn’t think I could feel any freer, I attended one of Evelyn’s trainings. I learned such incredible insights that I wrote an entire section about it in my upcoming book, and better than that—I experience a whole new level of freedom in my life. In our weight-obsessed society, I recommend Evelyn and her work to everyone!”

~ Jenni Schaefer , Author of Life Without EdGood-Bye Ed, Hello Me

One of the Best… “My work involves a tremendous amount of travel and conference attending so I feel confident in stating that Evelyn Tribole is one of the best presenters out there. In Evelyn’s workshops the listener is guided through a process of understanding in comprehensible chunks. She is sure to include experiential activities that help solidify the learning. Her passion and knowledge of her topic is not only vast but contagious. When one finishes one of Evelyn’s workshops they leave the room filled with hope and confidence that they, too, can accomplish great things with their clients. Evelyn remains real, approachable and human and because of her great sense of humor makes even the most difficult concepts fun and uses laughter as a way to break down barriers and resistance. If you have a chance to go to an Evelyn Tribole workshop, please do so… you will not regret it!”

~ Doris Smeltzer, MA, President, Andrea’s Voice Foundation, May 14, 2009 Author, Andrea’s Voice: Silenced by Bulimia (Gurze Books, 2006) and Registered MFT Intern

Your Passion for the Subject was Clear… “Your presentation was so informative and enjoyable. It was evident how much work you put into your lecture. Your passion for the subject was clear. Our members enjoyed your talk as evidenced by your excellent evaluation results.”

~ Christi Coy, MS, RD, President Elect, Calif. Dietetic Assoc. Orange District

Excellent… “Your presentation was excellent. Blessings and thanks for all you do, so well and so critically, for so many! (Send one of your trainees to Kansas PLEASE!)”

~ Beth Hartman McGilley, PhD, Fellow Academy for Eating Disorders

A Caring, Thoughtful and Supportive Nutritionist for her Patients… “Evelyn is a creative author and wonderful nutrition therapist for her patients and colleagues. Her book, Intuitive Eating, is one that I recommend to my patients with food problems. It is an an excellent guide for the ‘non-diet’ approach to eating. Evelyn is a caring, thoughtful and supportive nutritionist for her patients.”

~ Ellen Glovsky, PhD, RD, LDN

Evelyn Sets the Standard of What a Nutritional Consultant Should Be… “There are very few nutrition consultants that I am comfortable trusting my clients with and Evelyn is one of them. In addition to being an amazing nutrition consultant, Evelyn has written a number of books that all help my clients reach their goals of healthy living, including Intuitive Eating. Her intuitive eating approach is effective in producing lifelong results, unlike dieting. Evelyn sets the standard of what a nutritional consultant should be. I highly recommend her services.”

~ George Hillinger, Personal Trainer/Clinical Exercise Specialist, The Fitness Connection

Evelyn’s Positive Energy… “I always feel decades younger when I’m with Evelyn Tribole. Her positive energy and well-researched advice make me feel like I could climb Mount Everest.”

~ Cathy Thomas, Food Editor, Orange County Register