She is Dynamic, Engaging, and Funny… “Evelyn’s ground-breaking book, “Intuitive Eating,” has been instrumental in my work with patients who struggle with eating disorders. We have also presented together at the Academy for Eating Disorders’ International Conference on Eating Disorders, educating other members about the “Health at Every Size” paradigm. She is dynamic, engaging, and funny.”

~ Deb Burgard, PhD Licensed Psychologist, April 13, 2008.
Whether you need a keynote, mini or full-day workshop, the following are popular presentation topics based on Evelyn’s bestselling books and 25 years of practical experience:

Intuitive Eating

  • Intuitive Eating 101: How To Make Peace with Your Food & Body–At Last!
  • Intuitive Eating Counseling Skills
  • What Do You Mean It’s Okay to Eat French Fries?
  • How To Use Intuitive Eating in the Treatment of Eating Disorders
  • How To Overcome Core Obstacles to Intuitive Eating

Inflammation Nation

  • What Every Health Professional Needs to Know About Inflammation
  • Concepts & Controversies: Omega-6 Sick Syndrome
  • Why Omega-3 Fats are a Public Health Issue

Celiac Disease

  • Gluten-Free Diet 101

Communication Essentials

  • How to Write Your Book: Idea to Bestseller
  • Building Media Skills
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Ranks Among the Top Nutrition and Health Speakers… “Imagine attending a conference with an out-of-this-world speaker. I was blown away by one in particular: Evelyn Tribole, MS, RD. Listening to Tribole and observing her dynamic, engaging style, I couldn’t help but thank her for her work and message…holding an audience’s attention all day in packed warm room says a lot. [She’s] someone who ranks among the top three nutrition and health speakers I’ve ever heard.”

~ D. Milton Stokes. Conference Currents: 2006 Renfrew Wrap-Up. Today’s Dietitian, Jan 2007:page 26.