Principle 9: Exercise – Feel the difference

Welcome to day 9 of the IE Principles & Practice series!⁣


Forget militant exercise. Just get active and feel the difference. Shift your focus to how it feels to move your body, rather than the calorie burning effect of exercise. If you focus on how you feel from working out, such as energized, it can make the difference between rolling out of bed for a brisk morning walk or hitting the snooze alarm. ⁣

  • Just as Intuitive Eating helps you reclaim satisfaction in eating, it also helps you reclaim satisfaction in movement. When you move in a way that brings joy or aliveness, you are truly nourishing body, mind, and spirit. All bodies are different, and each of us enjoy different activities. Don’t compare yourself with others; find what works best for you and your unique, precious body! ⁣


  • To practice this principle, I invite you to list the activities that you enjoy or that you would like to try. Do you feel strong and empowered after a yoga class, a hike in the woods, a stroll through the park, or riding your bike? Feel free to get creative here! What about ping-pong, volleyball, Tai Chi or Zumba? ⁣
  • How would the pursuit of these activities impact your life? If you already have a regular activity, does it still bring you joy? If not, what would it look like to reignite that joy?⁣
  • Remember, incorporating adequate rest is just as important when it comes to sustainable and nourishing self-care! For some folks, the big practice will be taking a day off from moving your body, when you are feeling tired, sick, or sore.⁣
  • If for the most part, you have mastered this principle, what was a turning point? Perhaps it was firing a body-shaming trainer or fitness facility? Perhaps it was an injury from over-training? Maybe it was finding a place or teacher that provides a safe & welcoming atmosphere for diverse body sizes and abilities?

Evelyn Tribole, MS, RDN, CEDRD-S

Evelyn Tribole, MS, RDN, CEDRD-S is an award-winning registered dietitian, with a nutrition counseling practice in Newport Beach, California. She has written nine books including the bestsellers Healthy Homestyle Cooking and Intuitive Eating(co-author). Her newest book is the Intuitive Eating Workbook:Ten Principles for Nourishing a Healthy Relationship with Food.


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