“This course gives me the confidence to integrate Intuitive Eating into many aspects of my work. Thank you so much to Evelyn for sharing her significant expertise, presenting the relevant research evidence behind this approach, and sharing great tools and handouts to take away and start using in my practice straight away. It was a great investment.”

~ ZC, Oxford, UK

“The most beneficial parts of this course were the personal interaction and nature of the course, the small group size, the organized and well-thought out presentation, the detailed handouts, and the ability to ask questions.”

~ LT, Colorado

“I loved the articles, you use to support your ideas. Some of the ideas where familiar for me, but reading scientific evaluation was of a great value. I find your short versions of Questioners very useful and practical. Suits my needs for working in groups or individually. Loved the worksheets, especially those for hunger-satiety attunement. Your tip on the Trust Model was invaluable. I’m often questioned by my clients about their kids and their weight issues, and had only general idea of working with parent’s over control. Now I feel more confident in that field. Love your focus on here-and-now, very gestalt-oriented, suits me best!”

~ VB, psychologist, St Petersburg, Russia

“This course provided essential information and feedback you can’t really get from a book or DVD. I appreciated Evelyn’s infinite wisdom and sharing of experiences.”

~ JC, Hong Kong

“This course was all I expected and more. It’s given me the confidence to turn Intuitive Eating into my sole focus of my practice, which is exactly what I had hoped. I was given the tools to make this work successfully with my clients.The client worksheets are excellent.”

~ HTE, psychologist, CA

“By far the most beneficial part of the course was the opportunity to hear ‘first hand’ from Evelyn how she uses the Intuitive Eating principles with clients in her practice. I had done a good deal of reading about intuitive eating, mindful eating, and non-diet approaches to weight management prior to taking this course; however, no amount of reading compared to being able to listen to Evelyn share her personal case studies. She has a wonderful way of translating the principles into practical usage for clients. I now feel more confident in my approach with clients.”

~ HP, Center Junction, IA

“Handouts, studies, and explanations were awesome and so helpful.”

JW, Anderson, IN

“Your enthusiasm and energy is wonderful—this course was fun and engaging. I think it should be required for all dietetic students! Your true leadership to the profession is inspiring. I have so much gratitude for the revolutionary shift in the field of dietetics your approach takes.”

~ KP, Seattle, WA

“Information was very practical and helped me to gain skills that I could not learn from reading the book. I learned a lot and gives me many more things to practice in my counseling.”

~ RK, Los Angeles, CA

“I gained tremendously from the experience. As a professional I found Intuitive Eating Pro very much applicable to my practice, in terms of assessing where each client is at in their process and implementing tools to get them to the next level of Intuitive Eating.”

~ Nicole Al-Shafie, RD Santa Monica, CA, A New Journey Eating Disorder Center

“Evelyn’s passion and enthusiasm for Intuitive Eating is contagious. I enjoyed her wonderful sense of humor and authentic willingness to share and help RDs.”

~ PP, Placentia, California

“Intuitive Eating Pro Skills Development is most definitely a good value. It offered a great learning experience that will be very useful with counseling my eating disorder patients. The knowledge also strengthened my skills as a nutrition therapist.”

~ LA, Huntington Beach, California
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