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  • 2019 February IE Pro Teleseminar Thursdays at 10:30 am ( Los Angeles time)
  • 2019 March Supervision Group Wednesdays at 1:30 pm ( Los Angeles time)


Intuitive Eating PRO Skills Development-Intensive

Would You Like to Discover How to Help Your Clients Have a Healthy Relationship with Food, Mind, and Body? There's only so much you can glean from reading. A client's relationship with food often mirrors his or her relationship issues in life. When you know what patterns to look for and what to do about it, the Intuitive Eating process becomes a very rewarding and meaningful way to work with clients. Learn from the pioneer, who co-authored the book on Intuitive Eating. Discover how this revolutionary training program for allied health professionals can help you:

  • Learn Effective Intuitive Eating Counseling Skills without Leaving Your Office.
  • Discover the joy and career satisfaction using this counseling process.
  • Increase your confidence and effectiveness with Intuitive Eating counseling skills.
  • Learn Practical Counseling Tips
  • Overcome the obstacles that can keep both you and your clients "stuck."
  • Learn how to get "buy-in"
  • Discover effective ways to implement Intuitive Eating Principles

Here's What's Included in the Registration Fee

  • Set of 21 Intuitive Eating Client Worksheets ($129 value)
  • Recording of Each Session for your personal use and review
  • 6 One-Hour Sessions (See Course Outline)
  • Full Text Studies supporting Intuitive Eating Principl

Learn Why This Popular Course Sells Out:

"This course gives me the confidence to integrate Intuitive Eating into many aspects of my work. Thank you so much to Evelyn for sharing her significant expertise, presenting the relevant research evidence behind this approach, and sharing great tools and handouts to take away and start using in my practice straight away. It was a great investment." -ZC, Oxford, UK

"Intuitive Eating is such powerful work. It has totally transformed my practice." -CR, New Hampshire

"I think this is an invaluable workshop that every individual in the nutrition, health and wellness community should take! This work can be life changing for so many individuals." -JC, Boston

"The most beneficial parts of this course were the personal interaction and nature of the course, the small group size, the organized and well-thought out presentation, the detailed handouts, and the ability to ask questions." -LT, Colorado More »

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