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Get one-on-one or group supervision to improve your Intuitive Eating and/or Eating Disorder counseling skills, while increasing your confidence working with your clients and patients.


Become the expert of your own body and experience the pleasure in eating and freedom from the food worry and rules.


Whether you need a keynote, mini or full-day workshop, the following are popular presentation topics based on Evelyn’s bestselling books and 25 years of practical experience.

The Writing

Put an end to your food and body worry, by learning how to make peace with your eating—from the pioneer who co-created the process in the ground-breaking book, Intuitive Eating.

The Work

Evelyn has a passion for helping people discover a healthy relationship with food, mind and body—whether it’s through one-on-one counseling, writing, workshops or media appearances.

The Passion

She also has a personal and professional passion for helping people with celiac disease, as Evelyn’s son was diagnosed with this disorder.

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Words of praise for Evelyn

Deb Burgard

Deb Burgard, PhD

Licensed Psychologist

She is Dynamic, Engaging, and Funny… “Evelyn’s ground-breaking book, 'Intuitive Eating,' has been instrumental in my work with patients who struggle with eating disorders.”

Laura Thomas, PhD

Laura Thomas, PhD

Nutritionist and Wellness Advocate

“One of the co-authors of Intuitive Eating but like also one of the best humans on the earth.”

George Hillinger

George Hillinger

Clinical Exercise Specialist

Evelyn Sets the Standard of What a Nutritional Consultant Should Be… “There are few nutrition consultants that I am comfortable trusting my clients with and Evelyn is one of them."

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The Intuitive Eating Blog

What is Intuitive Eating?

What is Intuitive Eating? It’s exciting to see Intuitive Eating growing in popularity both in the media and in the research.  But it’s also frustrating to see the co-opting of our work by diet culture Read more…

Can You Really Be Addicted to Food?

There has been a lot of media attention on food addiction research.  Scientists are curious about this possibility because the brain region (and neurochemicals) involved with substance abuse, are also implicated in overeating.   But there Read more…

Are You a Distracted Eater?

There seems to be a common perception that mindless eating is a condition in which you have no idea that you just ate, akin to “eating amnesia”. Many of my clients eat while distracted—but don’t Read more…

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